Worthy Repairs For Worthing

Grafton MSCP in Worthing was constructed circa 1966. The car park structure can be defined by three areas, these being the main multi-storey car park, the car park over units 73-79 Montague Street and car park over units 85-91 Montague Street.

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The main multi-storey has car parking on levels 1-10. The layout for the main car park is a split level construction with intermediate ramps between each level. ADUR and Worthing Council’s refurbishment proposal will result in extended use of this car park for the next 5 years.


The Challenge


A substantial amount of structural corrosion present throughout the car park on all levels, with it being completely exposed to all the elements, directly on Worthing's seafront. The real challenge is for the car park to remain open to the public during the entire program. Due to the extent of repair work, the programming and speed of installation is critical.


The Solution


To break out defective concrete, install new reinforcement where possible, to effect concrete repair and to protect with anti-carbonation coatings.


The fast curing nature of Nufins repair mortars, allows VolkerLaser to over coat quickly, which is of significant importance. Nucem HB Mortar is polymer modified, fibre reinforced lightweight cementitious high strength mortar; it’s versatile nature enables use on multiple types of repair; it is supplied with pre-measured gauging liquid, therefore enables VolkerLaser easy access and mobility to repair high volume, small localised repairs efficiently.


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