Repair & Renovation Of Cargill Silos

The project included concrete repairs & application of protective coatings to concrete wheat silos without upsetting the Peregrine Falcon that calls one of the engine rooms, home.


The defective concrete was broken out, followed by installation of high strength polymer modified repair mortars, providing additional concrete cover protection and compliant with EN1504-4 Class. A single component elastomeric coating with high carbonation inhibiting properties, suitable for the marine environment and compliant with EN1502-2 was then applied to the structure.


Following break out and careful preparation of rebar and concrete surfaces by the specialist contractor, in accordance with EN1504, to ensure high bond strengths, concrete defects were made good using Nucem Primer, Nucem HB Mortar and Spraycem 301 dry-spray mortar. Where required, build up layers were installed, leaving intermediate layer surfaces roughened to receive the next layer.


Once preparation and cleaning was complete, surface conditioning of substrate was undertaken with a single application of Stabilising Primer WB, followed by two applications of Proflex A to provide a system DFT of 485 μm.


Along with sensitive treatment of wildlife, the phased operations were carefully managed through winter temperatures to ensure a successful installation.


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