Nufins Take On The Challenge In Tunbridge Wells

As one of the UK's leading manufacturers of cementitious concrete repair products, Nufins have recently taken on the challenge of repairing the 1085 No. space Crescent Road multi-storey car park in the town centre.

USL BridgeCare

The ailing precast concrete framed structure has been in need of repairs for many years, so when Tunbridge Wells Borough Council engaged USL StructureCare to carry out major refurbishment works, Nufins were on hand to provide specification and product advice.


Adam Dudley, National Sales Manager for Nufins commented "our Nucem concrete repair products provide contractors with a comprehensive range of options for both vertical, horizontal and overhead repairs. With a track record of over 50 years, we pride ourselves on being able to react quickly to contractors needs including on-site technical support to ensure the correct materials are being utilised".


Concrete repair products


At Crescent Road, Nufins will be supplying their Nucem HB mortar for repairs to soffits and beams, whilst Nucem Concrete will be used for deck repairs in excess of 25mm depth. Where a fast cure deck repair material is required, USL StructureCare will be using Deck Repair Rapid, a polymer modified cementitious concrete repair mortar characterised by its high early strength development and rapid moisture loss. This will allow deck coatings, which are being installed throughout the car park, to be installed shortly after placement. 


 Concrete repair products


Dudley commented further "our Deck Repair Rapid product is market leading in terms of performance and allows contractors to fast track the application of protective coatings. Compliant with EN 1504 Part 3 Class R4, Deck Repair Rapid is able to gain a compressive strength of 20 MPa after only 1 hour". 


Nufins are also supplying their high performing and flexible Proflex A anti-carbonation coating to protect all soffits, beams and columns within the car park. Proflex A is an acrylic high build water borne elastomeric waterproof coating designed to protect concrete from further carbonation ingress and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.


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