Nufins Supplies Spraycem 301 Concrete For Pounds Park, Sheffield

Nufins proudly chosen to supply 18 tonnes of Spraycem 301 to Pounds Park, Sheffield, in assistance of the "Heart of the City" programme.

Pound's Park, named after the man responsible for creating Sheffield's first fire brigade, is being developed as a cultural centre. It will create another green space in the city centre, as well as creating children's play areas, water features and a new public transport interchange.

John Charles Pound (1834 - 1918) was Sheffield's first Fire Superintendent, responsible for laying the foundations of today's fire service. Pound's Park is a tribute to Sheffield's first fire officer and is on the site of a former fire station.



The area was originally commercial business units, but as part of the "Heart of the City" programme, it has been designated as a multi-sensory and recreational area for the public and students.

The task was to produce a large rock formation made from steel framing and polystyrene, sprayed with concrete with a dye added for features and then shaped for formation integrity and authenticity.


Specialist Spray Contractor GSSL (Gunite & Shotcrete Services Ltd) carried out the spraying on behalf of Henry Boot. Materials were procured directly from ourselves following the new product development.



Why USL Speciality Products? 

The contractor is one of the largest and most innovative concrete spraying contractors in the UK and is regularly tasked with 'off the wall' and unusual applications. John Aveling, the owner of GSSL, says: "We are always looking for new products in the marketplace which may better serve some applications as one glove does not fit all". He added, "The USL Speciality Spraycem 301 sprayed satisfactorily with minimal rebound, but more importantly, during the 'setting' phase, it is a great product for trowelling and shaping, making it easier to create the requested finished product".


Benefits of Spraycem 301:

  • Excellent durability & resistance to water, frost & salt attack
  • Rapid strength development without the use of accelerators
  • Excellent high build characteristics
  • Low rebound
  • Controlled low water/cement ratio
  • Excellent adhesion to correctly prepared substrates
  • Only requires addition of clean water
  • Formulated using non-reactive aggregates, with reference to alkali-silica reaction
  • Complies with BD27/86


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