Leaks In Ben Wyvis Dam Successfully Sealed By Nufins

A dam on the side of Ben Wyvis mountain in northern Scotland required leak sealing due to inherent issues from construction primarily related to poor compaction of the poured concrete when the dam was first built. In addition, one of the main construction joints had begun to leak as well.

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Access to the dam proved difficult as it was built 820 metres up the side of Ben Wyvis which meant transporting traditional cementitious grout to site would prove extremely labour-intensive in this remote area.


As a result, Nufins Prime Flex 900 XLV was specified as the ideal leak sealing solution for several reasons. Prime Flex 900 XLV is a hydrophilic, low viscosity resin that reacts with water and expands to form a closed cell, watertight foam. Being hydrophilic in nature, the resin will ‘chase’ the water in the leak. Having a low viscosity ensures that it can penetrate tight cracks.


cementitious grout


Prime Flex 900 XLV was injected with a portable pump which addressed the accessibility issue. The portable pump and Prime Flex 900 XLV was easily transported in the back of a commercial transit van and delivered to site.


cementitious grout


Results could be seen within only 10 minutes of application and the Prime Flex 900 XLV resin successfully sealed the porous concrete and completely stopped the leak.  


Ian McCallam, Managing Director of DA Macdonald Contractors says, “I’m really impressed with the result and how well Prime Flex 900 XLV worked in sealing the leak, especially the ease of just drilling and injecting the resin”. Prime Flex 900 XLV saved time and allowed for easier access and avoided an extremely labour-intensive repair compared to cementitious alternatives.  


Nufins specialise in manufacturing and supplying a range of high performing crack injection and leak sealing products globally. The Nufins technical support team are also on hand to assist, advise and train installers on a project by project basis.


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